Cedillo to Introduces City’s Immigrant Advocate Peter Schey

Cedillo to Introduces City’s Immigrant Advocate Peter Schey

April 12, 2017

Cedillo Introduces City’s Immigrant Advocate Peter Schey
Promises to #DefendLA against threats from Washington D.C.

Los Angeles—Under the leadership of Council President Herb Wesson, the City Council has retained the legal counsel of civil rights litigator, Peter Schey. In response to the anti-immigrant policies of President Trump’s administration, the Los Angeles City Council approved the creation of an Immigrant Advocate position to be appointed by council and to work in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs.

At today’s Ad Hoc Committee on Immigrant Affairs, Councilmember Cedillo introduced Peter Schey, the City Council’s Immigrant Advocate. Mr. Schey talked about his first-hand experience in what seems to be an evolving immigrant climate in California politics, from the former Pete Wilson and Proposition 187 days, to the Governor Brown and Sanctuary City era we fin ourselves in today. He also unveiled his three-pronged plan to respond to threats from Washington D.C. His strategy entails; 1.) Assessing Trump’s domestic immigration agenda and potential for litigation; 2.) Recommendations for immigration and civil rights ordinances; and 3.) Assessing the potential for providing direct services and referrals at the local level.

“The City Council is committed to preserving the civil rights of all Angelenos," said Los Angeles City Council President Herb J. Wesson, Jr. "I am confident working with premier legal expert Peter Schey will make Los Angeles a leader to the rest of the country.”

“I’ve known Peter’s work for decades and have complete and utter faith that his legal counsel will lead Los Angeles in the right direction,” stated Councilmember Cedillo, Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Immigrant Affairs. “There is no time for novice training, we need leadership and experience we can depend on to defend Angelenos against the threats of Trump,” added Cedillo.

“More than ever before in history, the City of Los Angeles’ and the State of California’s culture of diversity and health and safety are at risk because of Executive Orders issued by a President whose election to office relied more on intolerance than tolerance, and divisiveness rather than a commitment to or understanding of the community benefits derived from diversity,” stated Peter Schey, the City Council’s new Immigrant Advocate.

Peter Schey serves as President and Executive Director of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law Foundation, where his work focuses on technical support on constitutional rights of immigrants, refugees, and children, class action litigation of issues of issues with broad impact on indigent minority and ethnic communities, technical support and training for advocates and immigrant communities, and international human rights cases and campaigns.

Councilmember Gil Cedillo currently represents the 1st Council District, which includes all or parts of the neighborhoods of Glassell Park, Cypress Park, Highland Park, Mt. Washington, Solano Canyon, Sycamore Grove, Elysian Park, Echo Park, Westlake, Angelino Heights, Temple Beaudry, Lafayette Park, Chinatown, Forgotten Edge, Lincoln Heights, Montecito Heights, Pico Union, Adams-Normandie, University Park, Mid Cities and Mac Arthur Park.


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