After the successful completion of the Listening Tour, Councilmember Cedillo formulated his priorities for CD1. From this evolved the P.E.A.C.E. agenda. This will guide our work for our first term. Understanding that every portion of our district is distinct and has its own challenges, this agenda will cover the multitude of issues in the different communities that make up the first Council District.


Publicsafety_zps8b848594.jpg          Public_safety_pic.jpg                                                                                    

PUBLIC SAFETY—CD1 has its challenges with regards to public safety. While the City as a whole is experiencing declining crime rates, CD1 remains consistent in crime rates.


EconDevelopment_zps8545b05a.jpg          econ_dev.jpg

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT—there are several corridors in CD1 with tremendous potential for economic activity. Significant community assets, like the Southwest Museum, also pose opportunities to connect the community.


ArtsandCulture_zps4c18ccde.jpg          art_and_culture_pic.JPG

ARTS AND CULTURE—we are making arts and culture a priority in CD1. The limited music and arts programs that exist for youth should be replicated and expanded throughout the district. We also plan to host a yearly Jazz festival to bridge communities through music.


CleanStreets_zpsfd1db0dc.jpg          Clean_Communities_pic.jpg

CLEAN COMMUNITIES—Councilmember Cedillo kept his campaign promise to clean up CD1. He launched a historic ‘Keep It Clean’ campaign in partnership with the Bureau of Sanitation to clean up streets and alleyways.


Environment_zpsf4dd9da8.jpg          environment_pic.jpg

ENVIRONMENT—CD1 has a gem running through it, the LA River. We will continue to fight for river restoration and land preservation throughout the district.