City Council Approves Creation of Civil and Human Right Ordinance for City of Los Angeles

City Council Approves Creation of Civil and Human Right Ordinance for City of Los Angeles

February 21, 2018

City Council Approves Creation of Civil and Human Right Ordinance for City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles–Today, the Los Angeles City Council approved a motion (CF 18-0086) co-authored by Council President Herb J. Wesson and Councilmember Gil Cedillo and seconded by Councilmember Nury Martinez, instructing the City Attorney to prepare and present a draft Civil and Human Rights Ordinance that: 1.) Prohibits discrimination, prejudice, intolerance and bigotry that results in denial of equal treatment of any individual; 2.) Provides remedies accessible to complainants; 3.) Creates the City of Los Angeles Civil and Human Rights Commission and any other supporting unit to investigate and enforce violations of the proposed Ordinance.

“It is time that the City of Los Angeles creates an ordinance that outlaws discrimination, prejudice, intolerance and bigotry,” stated Councilmember Gil Cedillo, Chair of the Immigrant Affairs, Civil Rights and Equity Committee. “We are living in a time where our President overtly uses racist and discriminatory remarks against certain ethnic groups, women, people with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ community. His actions encourage other Americans to do the same. This ordinance will discourage human and civil right violations and create a new commission for enforcement. We will create a City that protects people’s right to be here, without fear of persecution,” added Cedillo.

"There is no place for discrimination of any kind in Los Angeles," Councilwoman Nury Martinez said. "Our diverse cultures and communities are what make our city strong and vibrant. The approval of today’s motion is a clear statement that, as a Council, we stand united against intolerance, and will work to protect every Angeleno from bigotry and discrimination."

A diverse metropolis, the City of Los Angeles has a duty to protect and promote public health and safety within its boundaries and to protect its residents against discrimination, threats and retaliation based on a real or perceived status. Such discriminatory and prejudicial practices pose a substantial threat to the health, safety and welfare of the community.
The City of Los Angeles must discourages discrimination, prejudice, intolerance and bigotry that denies equal treatment to any individual because of the individual’s race, color, ethnicity, creed, age, national origin, citizenship status or perceived status, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or perceived orientation, disability, marital status, partnership status, employment status or source of income.

Councilmember Gil Cedillo currently represents the 1st Council District, which includes all or parts of the neighborhoods of Glassell Park, Cypress Park, Highland Park, Mt. Washington, Solano Canyon, Sycamore Grove, Elysian Park, Echo Park, Westlake, Angelino Heights, Temple Beaudry, Lafayette Park, Chinatown, Forgotten Edge, Lincoln Heights, Montecito Heights, Pico Union, Adams-Normandie, University Park, Rampart Village, Mid Cities and Mac Arthur Park. For more information, please visit


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