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Councilmember Cedillo sits on the following committees:

  • Chair, Housing
  • Member, Planning and Land Use Management
  • Member, Immigrant Affairs, Civil Rights and Equity
  • Member, Ad Hoc COVID-19 Recovery and Neighborhood Investment
  • Member, Board of Referred Powers

*As of 1/1/21

Housing and Community Investment Department, Housing Authority, Affordable Housing Commission, Rent Adjustment Commission, Commission for Community & Family Services, Relocation Appeals Board, Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP), housing- related matters of SCAG. Consolidated Plan; all non-homeless related housing matters including grants; review of bonds and subsidies for housing from all sources related to the Housing Trust Fund; Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) funds; rent control; residential code enforcement on existing housing, slum housing abatement and the Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP); community development programs; container housing; pre-fabricated housing; residential code enforcement for existing housing; all related functions and management, financial and operational audits of the listed departments not otherwise specifically assigned; and all County, State, and federal programs affecting matters under the committee’s jurisdiction, except legislation.