City Council to Vote on Cedillo’s House LA Initiative

During A Housing State of Emergency Cedillo Champions Proposals to House LA.

February 8, 2016

WHO:  Los Angeles City Council

WHAT: House LA Initiative Vote

            ITEM NO. (8)   14-0057-S1     

            HOUSING COMMITTEE REPORT relative to the preservation and development of unapproved second detached houses and                 accessory dwelling units.

            ITEM NO. (9)   15-1002          

            HOUSING COMMITTEE REPORT relative to permitting vehicle sharing and reducing parking requirements for residential or                 mixed-use buildings located near a transit corridor.

            ITEM NO. (10) 15-1004          

            HOUSING COMMITTEE REPORT relative to encouraging the construction of micro-units to help meet the City’s need for                     affordable housing.

            ITEM NO. (11) 15-1003          

            HOUSING COMMITTEE REPORT relative to amending the Site Plan Review Ordinance to increase the production of affordable             housing in the City of Los Angeles.

            ITEM NO. (12) 15-1251

            HOUSING COMMITTEE REPORT relative to the feasibility of expanding the Department of City Planning’s Expedited                           Processing Section to include the review of projects with new Environmental Impact Reports (EIR).

            ITEM NO. (13) 15-1007

            HOUSING COMMITTEE REPORT and COMMUNICATION FROM CHAIR AND VICE-CHAIR, AD HOC ON COMPREHENSIVE JOB                   CREATION PLAN COMMITTEE relative to strategies for using City-owned land as sites for affordable housing developments.

WHEN: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 10:00am

WHERE: Council Chambers, 200 N. Spring Street, Room 340, LA 90012

WHYThe City Council is set to vote on a series of motions on Tuesday that address the housing crisis in Los Angeles under the House LA Initiative. In an effort to cut red tape and streamline building in Los Angeles, Councilmember Cedillo will offer bureaucratic relief in order to facilitate smart growth and maintain and increase affordability.

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