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Welcome to the website for the First Council District of the City of Los Angeles. We hope this website will act as a valuable resource in providing you information about city services as well as to keep you informed about what our office is doing in the community.

It is an honor to represent the First District. Thank you for placing your trust in Team Cedillo. We are here to serve and assist you.

Together, we will make the First District #1!

Gilbert A. Cedillo
Councilmember, First District

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FALSE: The Councilmember is trying to push housing in Lincoln Heights.

FACT: The RFQ/P was issued by the CAO in July 2016, and the recommendations from the panel were made to Council in December 2016. The Councilmember intervened because there was no community input process. A link to the staff report is here:

FALSE: Parking will be taken away to build housing!

FACT: The five Lincoln Heights parking lots include a total of 290 parking spaces. This project requires the replacement of public parking spaces on a one-to-one basis.

Total loss of parking = 0.

FALSE: The Councilmember is going to build housing only for the homeless.

FACT: The Council Member does not support placing an overconcentration of one type of housing in a single location. The Councilmember believes in building communities with a mix of housing options serving a range of incomes. Lincoln Heights will not have an overconcentration of housing serving people formerly experiencing homelessness. The Councilmember’s vision is a mixed-income housing neighborhood, with not only permanent supportive housing, but a combination of affordable, workforce and market-rate housing.

FALSE: The Councilmember is going to build 5,000 units of homeless housing in Lincoln Heights.

FACT: The CAO report states that the developments across 12 sites citywide [CD1 (5 sites), CD7, CD8, CD11 (4 sites), and CD15] are recommended to account for 500 units total.

[500 units ÷ 12 sites = 42 average units per development]

FALSE: The Councilmember is moving forward with no community input.

FACT: The Councilmember halted the project because there was no community input, and agreed to move forward only after a strong community input component was required of the development team. The opportunity for community input must/will happen once the development team signs the ENA. 


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