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Welcome to the website for the First Council District of the City of Los Angeles. We hope this website will act as a valuable resource in providing you information about city services as well as to keep you informed about what our office is doing in the community.

It is an honor to represent the First District. Thank you for placing your trust in Team Cedillo. We are here to serve and assist you.

Together, we will make the First District #1!


Gilbert A. Cedillo
Councilmember, First District


Transportation Network Companies in Council 

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A Board of Airport Commissioners' (BOAC) July 16, 2015 action approved a Non-Exclusive License Agreement (NELA) covering Transportation Network Companies (TNC)—like Uber and Lyft—servicing Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). On Tuesday, the City Council voted to approve the BOAC’s action, but the vote was not unanimous (9-6). 


Major concerns were cited regarding safety for patrons, fingerprinting, ADA access and general across the board requirements for anyone that handles rides in the City of Los Angeles. In an attempt to be fair, the City Council voted on several amendments, one being to produce an ordinance that would require that any transit provider, such as a charter party carrier, including a limousine or shuttle service, Transportation Network Company, or taxicab, or any combination of those providers, which seeks to accept requests for rides in Los Angeles, to scrutinize their drivers using a fingerprint-based background check.

Click here to read the reports

House LA Initiative 

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On Tuesday, Councilmember Cedillo introduced six motions to address the housing crisis in Los Angeles under the House LA Initiative. In an effort to cut red tape and streamline building in Los Angeles, Councilmember Cedillo will offer bureaucratic relief in order to facilitate smart growth and maintain and increase affordability.

The Southern California Association of Governments’ (SCAG) 2014-2021 Regional Housing Need Allocation Plan (RHNA) determines a need for 412,716 additional housing units in the 6-county region, with 82,002 of these units allocated to the City of Los Angeles. This need is divided among various income groups, including 20,427 for very-low income households, 12,435 for low-income households, and 13,728 for moderate-income households. 

This means a production rate of approximately 10,250 units/year (5,823 affordable/year).

From 2006-2014, on average, the Housing and Community Investment Department of Los Angeles (HCIDLA) financed 1,200 affordable housing units per year, at the peak of the CRA golden years. Due to crushing budget cuts and the CRA’s dissolution, the HCIDLA can only commit to financing approximately 500 units per year in the new Housing Element (2014-2021).

The House LA Initiative includes:

Site Plan Review Modifications 
·Amends the site plan review ordinance, including the option to increase the threshold from 50 residential units, and re-examine the approval process as a strategy to increase the City’s affordable housing production.

Permitting Micro Unit Housing 
·Evaluates the Greater Downtown Housing Incentive Ordinance as a model to encourage the production of micro-units, the potential impact micro-units can have on our affordable housing needs, and the benefit of expanding this model to apply to other geographic areas of the City.

Deferring Building Fees 
·Evaluates which ‘use’ fees could potentially be deferred and collected until the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy for a residential development. 

Expanding the Use of Shared Vehicles 
·Permits the substitution of one shared vehicle for every 4 required parking spaces for residential or mixed-use buildings located on or within ¼ mile of a transit corridor.
·Calls for vehicular parking regulatory reform with an analysis of strategies to reduce and/or eliminate parking requirements based on selected criteria, including but not limited to certain types of developments, specific zones and proximity to transit.

Facilitating Accessory Dwelling Units 
·Identifies options for preserving unapproved second housing units, including measures utilized by other jurisdictions to preserve unapproved units.
·Calls for an ordinance that prescribes a permit process to allow the development of Accessory Dwelling Units in accordance with Assembly Bill 1866-- encourages Accessory Dwelling Units by requiring cities to reduce or eliminate local barriers to their development.

Using City Owned Land As Sited for Affordable Housing 
·Identifies city-owned properties that may be potential sites for the development of affordable housing.

Air B&B in City Council 

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On Wednesday, the City Council heard public comment on Air B&B, a popular home sharing service that allows Angelenos to rent a room, apartment or home as a vacation rental. The service is currently unregulated in California. Proponents of the service spoke about the opportunity it affords to make additional revenue, as rents and mortgages have increased. Opponents of the service spoke about the constant company of unknown people in their communities, the disrespect to their personal properties, and the fact that some of these rentals are taking affordable units off the market. The issue will now be heard in the Housing committee, and has been scheduled for September 2nd, 2015. Read the report here

A Fire Is Lit: Olympics LA 2024 

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Councilmember Cedillo was appointed Vice Chair of the newly formed Olympics 2024 Committee by President Herb Wesson. Today was the first committee meeting. On the agenda was a ‘joinder’ agreement to provide the United States Olympic Committee various confirmations, acknowledgments, and agreements as a condition of the selection of Los Angeles as the bid city for the 2024 Olympic Games. The agreement made its way out of committee and was discussed in Council immediately after. The City Council discussed various aspects of the agreement and shared concerns over projected costs to host the games. There is, however, a resounding excitement and spirit among the members, who believe that there is a risk with hosting the games, but the opportunity is much greater. #LA2024

Click here to read the agreement. 

Mount St. Mary’s Celebrates 90th Anniversary

(Photo Credit: Council Photography)

Councilmember Cedillo joined Councilmember Mike Bonin today to honor Mount St. Mary’s University for their 90th anniversary. Mount St. Mary’s is a Catholic university in CD1, committed to education in the service of truth. They seek to cultivate a community of learners formed by faith, engaged in discovery, and empowered for leadership in the Church, the professions, and the world.


2nd Annual Latin Jazz and Music Festival

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This weekend over 4,000 people enjoyed the sounds of Latin Jazz at Councilmember Cedillo’s 2nd Annual Latin Jazz and Music Festival. Families took advantage of a cooler weekend and brought their patio chairs, picnic tables and homemade food to enjoy the entertainment. One group of friends even chose to celebrate a birthday there! 

Participants also took advantage of many community booths to learn about important work of local non-profits and Northeast Trees distributed 100 free shade trees. 

Everyone swayed to the sounds of our headliners Joe Bataan and Lil' Willie 'G' Band. Many danced the day away in the expanded dance floor and enjoyed the delightful food and treats from food trucks including refreshing shaved ice! 

CD 1 looks forward to hosting our 3rd Annual Latin Jazz and Music Festival in the summer of 2016! Don’t miss it.

Se pictures here.

Art Spheres at MacArthur Park

(Photo Credit: James Alva)

If you’ve driven by the MacArthur Park Lake, you have probably seen Ed Massey's art project, "The Spheres at MacArthur Park." His idea was first conceived in 2008 and had been destined for Europe, but after driving down Wilshire Boulevard, he figured the installation was perfect for Los Angeles. The display is part of a project by the nonprofit Portraits of Hope, an organization devoted to creating public art installations that serve as creative therapy for children with disabilities and those in hospitals coping with cancer, burn trauma, and head injuries. All the spheres were hand painted by volunteers. If you have a chance, take a walk over to check it out.

CD1 Quinceañera Gets Help from Community 

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CD1 resident Jazmine Delgado and her mother were introduced to LAPD at the William Mead housing development resident's council. Jazmine’s mother suffers from a terminal illness and her last wish was to see her beautiful daughter have a Quinceañera. LAPD Central Division quickly started a campaign to make this dream a reality. The LAPD Central Division staff reached out to community folks, gathering enough resources to put on a celebration to be remembered. Team Cedillo was happy to take part in this very touching campaign.

It’s wonderful the things we can accomplish when we pull our resources together. Thank you LAPD Central Division for your leadership.

Graffiti Cleaned Up At Pedestrian Bridge

(Photo Credit: Sylvia Robledo)

Heather McLarty, a Sycamore Grove resident, crosses the Sycamore Grove pedestrian bridge regularly while walking her dogs to Debs Park. She noticed Graffiti on the bridge and asked Field Deputy Sylvia Robledo to please have it cleaned up. The bridge was repainted in one day. Heather can now enjoy the beauty of Sycamore Grove Park and Debs Park during her daily walk without having to see Graffiti on our public space. Thank you Heather for reporting the Graffiti. If you see any community nuisance, please don’t hesitate to call our district office at (323)550-1538.

BIA Housing Conference

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Councilmember Cedillo joined Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Thursday as headliners for the Building Industry Association (BIA) housing conference. Councilmember Cedillo spoke about his House LA Initiative, and reaffirmed his support to continue building affordable housing in the City of Los Angeles. Mayor Garcetti spoke about his goal to build 100,000 units of housing by 2021, which he reassured we are on track to meeting. He also launched his Build LA Initiative, which will include several updates to our planning department processes and will eventually (2017) put all building permits and projects under one umbrella platform, making it easier to follow projects from department to department. The City currently uses twenty-three different platforms.

If we are to achieve 100,000 units of housing for the City of Los Angeles, it will definitely take a strong public-private partnership to do it. We stand willing and ready to hit the pavement. 

Thank you Metabolic Studios 

The youth programs at Chinatown Service Center Youth Center, Lincoln Heights Tutorial Project, and Central City Neighborhood Partners would like to send a special thank you to Metabolic Studios for the support of their programs.

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