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Welcome to the website for the First Council District of the City of Los Angeles. We hope this website will act as a valuable resource in providing you information about city services as well as to keep you informed about what our office is doing in the community.

It is an honor to represent the First District. Thank you for placing your trust in Team Cedillo. We are here to serve and assist you.

Together, we will make the First District #1!


Gilbert A. Cedillo
Councilmember, First District


Mayor Signs $9.2 Billion Budget

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(Photo Credit: LA Daily News)

Yesterday, Mayor Eric Garcetti signed the $9.2 billion budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Here are some of the highlights.

• Roads and Sidewalks: $30 million to reconstruct worst roads; $31 million to repair sidewalks, and $90 million to resurface streets.

• Abatement Services: Additional $2 million to expand graffiti removal services to 24 hours, and $7.1 million for tree-trimming and stump removal.

• Public Safety: $10.5 million to hire 195 firefighters.

• Transportation: $14 million to add DASH bus service; $26 million for Vision Zero, a street-improvement program aimed at reducing traffic-related fatalities.

• Safety Nets: $180 million for homeless housing; a $1 million contribution to a $10 million legal Justice Fund for undocumented immigrants facing deportation.

• Reserves: $297 million for the reserves; $96.25 million as padding in case of a shortfall; and $108 million for lawsuit payouts and other liability costs.

Day of Inclusion

(Photo Credit: tony Ricasa)

Today, City Council closed out APIA Heritage Month with a presentation declaring the ‘Day of Inclusion.’ May 6, 2017 marked the 135th Anniversary of the signing of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act. On April 19th, 2017, the City Council adopted the Resolution introduced by Councilmember Cedillo, marking May 6, 2017, as a 'Day of Inclusion' in recognition of the harm caused by racially or religiously discriminatory immigration measures and honors the contributions of all immigrants and refugees who have enriched our communities.

Street Sweeping in Solano Canyon

(Photo Credit: Hugo Ortiz)

Casanova Street residents in Solano Canyon can sleep a little better this week. Councilmember Cedillo successfully worked with the Bureau of Street Services and residents to change the street sweeping times from 4:00am to 10:00am. Residents no longer have to get up at 3:30amto move their cars or search aimlessly for parking on neighboring streets.

MacArthur Park Band Shell Gets New Grass


(Photo Credit: Department of Recreation and Parks)

Thank you to the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks for completing the sodding project at the Mac Arthur Park band shell. Three watering cycles have been programmed per day, allowing staff to monitor any excessive irrigation and make adjustments if necessary. This beautifully landscaped recreation area comes at a perfect time for the much anticipated summer concerts.

AIA LA Award Winner--The Elysian

(Photo Credit: The Elysian)

Congratulations to David Lawrence Gray Architects AIA for receiving the 2017 Honor Award in Adaptive Reuse | Renovation | Historic Preservation for the Elysian by the Los Angeles AIA in the Residential Architecture Awards. The honor award is the highest award in a program which celebrates excellence in contemporary residential design at all scales and variations. The Elysian was the only Downtown LA project to receive an award.

The former Metropolitan Water District (MWD) 8-story office tower, designed by acclaimed architect William Pereira and completed in 1973, had been vacant for almost 20 years after the MWD departure in 1993.  The tower was restored and converted to residential units. The original mid-century office design was adapted and enhanced to create comfortable contemporary loft-like apartments.

Winsome, a new neighborhood restaurant with outdoor seating, was integrated to the pedestrian level together with landscaping and restored fountains, helping to revive an under-served stretch of Sunset Blvd and the neighborhood as a whole.

Project Team:
David Lawrence Gray Architects AIA
Project Manager: Alon Averbuch, LEED AP
Developer: Linear City Development
Yuval Bar-Zemer, Partner
Leonard Hill, Partner

Lummis Day Festival 2017

(Photo Credit: Lummis Day Festival)

The Lummis Day Festival is right around the corner. For a complete line up, please visit:

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